Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre

The Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC) offers accredited training and short courses in Indigenous leadership, mentoring and business governance. It is an Indigenous owned and governed organisation whose mission is to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples through unique educational opportunities to be inspirational leaders of today and tomorrow.

Big Bang Social began working with the AILC in February 2020.

The need

The AILC was seeking to re-focus its social media communications to better support the organisation’s business objectives. The organisation has an ambitious five-year marketing strategy and was looking for assistance to better align its social media and digital commutations activities with that strategy.

Big Bang Social was contracted to develop a 12-month social media and digital communications plan.

And, we also developed digital communications principles and guidelines. These reference materials will support staff, dispersed across Australia, to effectively contribute to creating AILC social media and digital content.

Positive and personal stories of Indigenous leadership are attracting strong audience engagement

Our solution

Big Bang Social completed a review of existing marketing, communications and strategic plans. This review informed the development of a 12-month digital communications plan with a focus on two key audiences: current and prospective students, and AILC alumni.

The media platforms selected and key messages developed aimed to appeal to these two audiences. Big Bang Social is now working with the AILC to roll-out a schedule of twice-weekly Facebook posts and monthly email newsletter.

And a big Shout Out to Monica ’cause without her our journey to 7,000 followers would have looked a whole lot different!

Robyn Forester, CEO Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre


Strategy implementation kicked off in April 2020 with immediate, positive impact. The AILC audience responded quickly to the increased and more consistent output of social media content. The positive themes highlighting the impact and success of Indigenous leaders, including AILC students and alumni, is being very well received.

The AILC post published 25 April 2020, achieved an organic reach of over 11,000 and more than 1,700 engagements.

The AILC achieved it’s strongest social media post engagement to-date with an ANZAC Day story featuring Indigenous diggers. The organisation’s Facebook page gained over 500 new followers in the first four weeks of strategy implementation.

Big Bang Social is now delivering our Fuel Package to the AILC to continue social media strategy implementation.

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