Companion House

For thirty years Companion House has been supporting people who come to Canberra seeking protection from persecution, war and torture.  Each year a dedicated team of staff and volunteers provides medical services, counselling, migration advise and welfare support to hundreds of people in Canberra from a refugee background.

Monica was great to work with and brought our organisation a great new energy and enthusiasm. She took the time to really understand our organisation and the sensitivities around sharing client stories. Staff enjoyed working with Monica’s enthusiasm and expertise. Big Bang Social helped us make a bigger impact with our social media efforts and has given us a solid base from which we can grow.

Kathy Ragless AM
Director, Companion House Assisting Survivors of Torture and Trauma

The need

Companion House was planning to celebrate its 30th anniversary with an event in October 2019. The organisation was looking to leverage this significant milestone to increase awareness of its work and build a larger supporter base.  Social media was identified as an efficient means of communicating with a wider audience in Canberra.

Working with the Companion House team

Our solution

Big Bang Social worked with Companion House to:

  • create a social media strategy and six-month plan aimed at raising community awareness and establishing an audience
  • deliver six-weeks of social media content in the lead-up to the 30th anniversary event, 26 October 2019
  • mentor and train staff in the use of Facebook page management tools such as Pages Manager, Insights and Ad Centre

The social media strategy Big Bang Social developed for Companion House aligns with the organisation’s business goals. The strategy identifies target audiences, appropriate social media channels and establishes ‘content pillars’ around which individual posts may be created to deliver consistent and compelling messaging.

Companion House accessed Big Bang Social’s Campaign Package.


Strategy implementation kicked off on 19 September 2019 with immediate impact. 

  • Companion House Facebook followers increased by 64% in four weeks
  • Social media content attracted unprecedented levels of engagement
  • The 30th anniversary event was a full house
  • Staff developed an understanding of the features and benefits of social media communication and competence in the use of Facebook tools such as scheduling, boosting and insights

Knowledge transfer from Big Bang Social will enable Companion House staff to build on the success of the campaign and continue implementation of the six-month plan to support their business goals.

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