Expertise you can afford

Your not-for-profit organisation can afford communications expertise.  This article explains how.

Employing an experienced communications professional may be beyond the budget of many small-medium not-for-profits (NFPs). Effective marketing and communications skills are highly valued, so they command a high salary.

As a result, many NFPs are not engaging the high calibre communicators they so desperately need.

There is another option.

Pay for results

Your NFP organisation can afford the communications expertise you need if you consider paying for outputs, rather than inputs.

Has your NFP considered paying for results achieved, rather than time spent in the office?  By engaging a service provider like Big Bang Social you receive the communications services you need for an agreed price.  You pay only for results, not the time it took to achieve them.

Furthermore, you don’t pay for the other non-communications, administration or management tasks that can consume a salaried communication manager’s time in an office environment.

Engaging a service provider or consultant is a cost-effective way to achieve your communications goals.  A consultant can deliver short-term results for defined campaigns, or work with your team to deliver ongoing services. 

Read about Big Bang Social’s engagement with Gift of Life Inc for an example of a results-driven campaign service agreement.

Monica Lindemann, Big Bang Social delivers flexible, accountable social media services.


Flexibility is another advantage in working with Big Bang Social or other contractors.  Your deadlines, shifting priorities and emergency communications are more easily accommodated by a service provider that is not bound by 9-5 business hours, capable of remote service delivery and with access to a pool of specialist resources.  Is this the case for your staff?

Another issue your NFP may face in recruiting an experienced communications manager is its reliance on grants, project-based funding and other variable sources of income.  This uncertainty in funding can make it challenging, or impossible, to offer an attractive employment package for a communications professional.  The flexibility of short-term, results-based service contracts can help your NFP overcome this barrier to achieving your organisation’s communications goals.

Knowledge transfer

Bringing in a communications professional to support your team presents a great training opportunity.  At Big Bang Social we work closely with clients to build capacity by supporting skills development and sharing knowledge.  Your team can learn a lot by working with an expert. 

Read about Big Bang Social’s engagement with the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre for an example of knowledge transfer and longer-term communications service delivery.

Contemporary expertise

And finally, contractors and consultants work with multiple clients each year.  This means they are exposed to a broad range of contemporary communications issues and are experienced in addressing them effectively. 

Innovative, adaptive and current are all qualities of a professional communications service like Big Bang Social.  This expertise is available to your NFP when you need it, at a price you can afford.

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