Fun, fundraising and Covid-19

Covid-19 has certainly challenged the campaign efforts of many Canberra charities.  Since I wrote about fundraising adaptation and social distancing in March, more charities are showing their creative flair by trying new approaches to fundraising through social media.

Here are three campaigns that I’ve enjoyed while in isolation.

ASRC Feast for Freedom

Hubby and I had registered to host a Persian feast as part of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s (ASRC) Feast for Freedom fundraiser in March.  Sadly, the national social distancing requirements implemented in late March made hosting a live dinner party impossible.  So, we did it virtually!

Through Facebook, we invited our friends and family to a virtual dinner party on 5 April. 

Our virtual feast, April 2020.

In the lead-up to the dinner party date, I shared the recipes and short cooking videos for each of the Persian dishes in our feast.  All the party guests were to make their own meals for the feast.

Sharing recipes in preparation for our feast

At 6:30pm, on Sunday 5 April all our ‘guests’ logged into a Zoom room to share a feast together and chat about the cooking process, what we learned about Persian food and culture, and the challenges facing refugees from countries like Iraq and Iran.

This was a fun experience and a great way to encourage giving to two charities we support – the ASRC and Companion House here in Canberra.  My guests all pledged to give to one of these charities so that they may continue assisting refugees through this incredibly challenging time.

Social media tools: Facebook Events, Zoom, Microsoft video editing app

Domestic Violence Crisis Service Scavenger Challenge

In April the DVCS in Canberra ran it’s first Scavenger Challenge.  Families registered online for the week-long challenge, paying a $20 entry fee.  Each day of the challenge week DVCS emailed competitors a list of household or every-day items to hunt for.  Each item on the scavenger list had a point score, with the more unusual items assigned more points. 

My friends were only too pleased to help me out with pet photos!

Competitors were required to submit no more than three images with as many of the listed items in these photos as possible.  Scores were tallied at the end of the week and the winners announced.

My family and friends loved this activity!  It was within the rules to seek help from your friends in tracking down images of high value items on the list.  Through Facebook I let all my friends know that I had entered the Scavenger Challenge.  Everyone was keen to help out, even prompting me to let them know what the day’s challenge items were.  They were all on the hunt!

Also no shortage of help with sourcing images of Raiders merchandise!

After the success of the first Scavenger Challenge, DVCS ran a few more during April and May.  This activity helped DVCS raise several thousand dollars at a time when the organisation is experiencing high demand and in desperate need of donations. 

The Challenge was a fun activity for families to enjoy together and perfectly ‘on brand’ with the organisation’s mission.  No doubt it also helped raise awareness of the increased risk of domestic violence during Covid-19.

Social media tools: Facebook, email

HeartKids Superhero Challenge

Each year on June 19, HeartKids hosts Super Boss Day to raise funds for their work supporting families of children with congenital heart disease.  The fundraiser is based on the ‘boss’ in a workplace dressing up as a superhero for the day and championing workplace events to raise money for HeartKids.

In 2020 with workplaces largely shutdown, this fundraising model is likely to be less successful.  So, HeartKids have adapted by introducing Superhero month.

Anyone can participate and become a Heartkids Superhero by selecting a physical, mental, or creative challenge to undertake throughout the month of June.

Superheros nominate their challenge and share with friends and family via a personalised fundraising page using the Everyday Hero platform.

I’ve opted for a creative challenge and will be knitting a beanie a week during June.  My superhero moniker is Knitting Ninja.  Check out my page and feel free to support me!

By extending the traditional Super Boss Day to include more fundraising superheros, HeartKids is making it possible for fundraising to continue while workplaces are impacted by Covid-19.

I’ll be doing my best to help this organisation’s modified fundraiser be a success. Now, back to the needles!

Social media tools: Facebook, Everyday Hero fundraising platform

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