There’s an app for that

There are so many great online tools available now to help you with your digital and social media communication.  And what’s more, many of them are free!

Here are a few of the tools I like to use and that I am happy to share with you.


The first tool I suggest you try is graphic design platform Canva.  This tool is hugely popular and will help you to create professional looking social tiles for your headers, posts and profile images.  The platform has loads of templates suitable for the image dimensions of all your favourite social media sites.

Canva is also a great Australian business success story.  Just this month (June 2020) the company was valued at $8.6 billion making it Australia’s most valuable private company! 

Another design tool that I love is Snapseed.  Snapseed is an app you can download to your phone to help you edit photos and create beautiful images for your social feed.  It takes some practice, but once you know your way around its functionality, you can really enhance your photos – like a pro!

Direct mail

Next, I suggest you take a look at MailChimp for your direct mail campaigns.  If your contact list is under 2,000 names the service is free.  For larger audiences, 2,001+, there is a scaled monthly subscription fee.  MailChimp also offer a 15% charity discount to bone fide NFPs, so make sure you complete the request form.  There is also a Mailchimp app for your phone so you can monitor campaign performance when you’re out-and-about.

Surveys and polls

From time-to-time you may want to check-in with your audience and supporters to get their opinions on your programs, service quality or plans for the future.  Surveys and polls are a great way to gather audience/client insights and build engagement.   Survey Monkey offers a free basic plan that allows you to create a survey of up to 10 questions distributed to unlimited contacts via email, Facebook or web-link.  The great thing about using a tool like Survey Monkey is that it will collate the responses and create a useful report for you.

Social media scheduling

I’m a fan of Facebook’s internal scheduling capability.  With Facebook’s Creator Studio you can manage a number of Facebook and Instagram pages from the one place.  And you can create and schedule posts on both platforms.  This is a very efficient way to develop content and monitor performance.  You’ll find Creator Studio on your Facebook page under “Publishing Tools”.  A Creator Studio app was released this year, available from the App Store or Google Play.

The number of available apps and online tools may be overwhelming.  Don’t try everything at once.  Just explore one tool at a time and see what works for you.  If you have any questions, I’m happy to have a chat.  DM (direct message) the Big Bang Social Facebook page, or send an email to